Committed Juvenile Court Judge Candidate in Blount County, Tennessee

Kenlyn Foster - Juvenile Judge Candidate
Child and Adult - Juvenile Judge Candidate
Hands on Keyboard - Juvenile Judge Candidate

Her Platform

Stand by your decision to vote for Kenlyn Foster for Juvenile Judge by learning more about her platform. She welcomes you to learn more about her drive to improve the welfare of children in Blount County.

How You Can Help

Take control over your vote by finding out how you can help her campaign for juvenile judge. From financial donations to volunteering, your support gets her closer to success.
Hours of Operation
Monday – Sunday
8 a.m. – 8 p.m.
Tennessee Bar Association | American Bar Association
Blount County Bar Association 




Her Story

Know that your vote matters when you vote Kenlyn Foster for Juvenile Judge of Blount County, Tennessee. Having grown up and raised her own family in Blount County, she is dedicated to serving and to protecting the best interests of the children, young adults, and families in Blount County. With the current juvenile judge retiring, she is rallying the community behind her belief that she can truly change the lives of children by intervening in potentially hazardous circumstances, delinquency cases, unruly cases, and dependency and neglect cases. Lend her your support as she strives to make our community a better place, one child at a time.


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